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Dating: How to Succeed With Japanese Girls

on Tuesday, April 06, 2010 - 03:42 PM : 6169 Reads

If you're interested in dating beautiful Asian women, join the club. But one thing you need to first understand is that there are dozens of different Asian ethnic groups -- Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean and Thai, just to name a few. And there are some subtle (but important!) differences between these different types of Asian women. Knowing these differences can mean the difference between blowing your chance, and landing the beautiful Asian woman of your dreams! In this article I want to focus on Japanese women. The "stereotypical" Japanese woman is soft-spoken, timid and subservient. Her main priority is serving and pleasing her man. That's the stereotype. Now let's talk about how Japanese girs REALLY are. The "soft spoken" part may be true when you're in public with her. It's not in a Japanese woman's nature to confront or debate with you in front of others. They would find this deeply embarrassing. Behind closed doors, however, you will certainly know it if your Japanese girlfriend is upset about something. So don't think for a moment that Japanese women are weak and submissive. They can be very strong-willed. However, they DO expect you, as the man, to be the decision-maker in the relationship. This is one of the fundamentals of dating Japanese women. This attitude is different from what most Western guys have been conditioned to believe. They think they're being polite by always deferring to women and asking for their opinions on everything. "Are you free to hang out this weekend?" "What are you in the mood to eat tonight?" "What do you feel like doing?" Etc. When you're dealing with Japanese women, you've got lay out the plan. This is what she expects of the man in her life. So, when asking a Japanese girl out, be specific about the plans: the day of the week, the time, and the place where you want to bring her. When the average guy tries to ask a girl out, it usually sounds something like this... "If you're not busy this weekend, maybe we could, um, hang out and do something..." This will usually backfire with Japanese women. They are practical people. They want information that they can base their decision on. By trying to ask her out in that vague manner, all you're doing is confusing her. Are you suggesting that you want to meet her on Saturday, or Sunday? In the daytime or in the evening? Where do you want to take her? How should she prepare and should she dress casually, or formally? By asking her out in a vague, wishy-washy manner, you're only going to confuse her and turn her off. (It's also important for to "be the leader" when it's time to seduce her! She won't make the first move. But if you've gotten her attracted to you, when you do make the first move you may be pleasantly surprised at how eager she is for sex.) Another tip: Being on time is very important to Japanese women. Japan must be the most organized, efficient society in the world. When you walk around Japan, you will see how obsessed they are with punctuality. Train and bus departure times, TV show listings, and other events are scheduled right down to the exact minute. When you ask a Japanese person for the time, they won't round off the number and say "seven-thirty" -- they'll tell you it's 7:27. And in Japan, if you arrive even one minute late for work, you'll need to fill out a "Late Form" that gets submitted to the boss. So, there is no such thing as "fashionably late" in their culture. It's not like in America, where women think nothing of showing up to meet you 15 or 20 minutes late. Arrive late to a date with a Japanese girl, and she'll think that you don't care about her and don't respect her. A few other things to know about Japanese girls: Japanese society is based on conformity. A popular expression in Japan is, "The nail that sticks up gets hammered down." In other words, people who don't conform to the "correct" standards of society -- whether it's the way they dress, the grades they get at school, or how they perform at work -- will face a lot of pressure and social difficulties. Sure, Japan has its share of rebels, but the vast majority of the people spend their lives doing what they can to fit in and go with the status quo. When students in Japan enter junior high school (or even elementary school), they are required to wear their school's uniform. Coloring your hair is forbidden, as is wearing earrings, jewelry and makeup. These rules loosen up when a young person enters college. This is their time to be free and "find themselves." But once they graduate college and enter the work force, the need to conform is stronger than ever. And so, when you're interacting with a Japanese woman, don't ever make fun of the "conformist" nature of her society, or try to convince her to "go against the grain" and do what she wants with her life, regardless of what her friends and family might think. This won't score you any points. Although you might think Japan is a society of like-minded robots, afraid to think for themselves, it's also the reason why it is such a highly developed country with a high level of social harmony. Unlike in the Western world, you don't see a lot of anxious, depressed people in Japan. By going along with the flow and doing what is expected of them, Japanese people feel a sense of purpose and contentment.

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